Expunctions and Non-Disclosures in Texas

The 2 ways to clear your criminal record are expungement and orders of nondisclosure. When you are awarded either of these options, your criminal record will be deleted from your record and the public will no longer be able to access these records.

With an expungement, the record is completely removed from all criminal databases. Police officers, prosecutors and even the courts will no longer have access to your criminal record and you will be given an entirely fresh start. An expungement is considered stronger than a nondisclosure order, but both options could greatly benefit you.

A nondisclosure order, on the other hand, gives you the right to not disclose prior arrests for which you were pardoned or acquitted. Also, if the courts provide you with conditions to satisfy such as parole, counseling and/or community service, you may be qualified for an order of nondisclosure. The offense might still be on your criminal record, but it would not be accessible to certain parties.

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